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Seamlessly integrate your Autodesk® Docs® files and data into the FME ecosystem.

General Usage Instructions

Autodesk® BIM 360® Administrators can find the Safe Software FME App in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select “Add to BIM 360” to add it to your account. The following is a quick guide to setting up your connection between FME and BIM 360.

  1. To begin using the integration within FME Workbench, please download and install the AutodeskDocsConnector package from the FME Hub: Alternatively, from within FME workbench start typing "AutodeskDocsConnector" and select it to automatically download the package.

  2. Add a new Autodesk Docs web connection from within FME Desktop, go to Tools > FME Options > Web Connections > Add button (+) 

  3. Select Web Service: “Autodesk Docs”

  4. Specify a “Connection Name”

  5. Click Authenticate and enter your Autodesk Account login

  6. Click “Allow” to accept permissions to view your accessible data

  7. Now you’re all set to use the Autodesk Docs web connection in FME. Add an AutodeskDocsConnector transformer to your workspace (By typing "AutodeskDocsConnector" on the FME Workbench canvas and hitting "enter") and choose the web connection configured above to connect to your Autodesk Docs files and start using them in your FME workflows.

  8. For further usage instructions for the AutodeskDocsConnector, see our Quickstart video here.


Completely new to FME? Check out a quick tutorial here! For a more in-depth tutorial, consider registering for the free FME Accelerator course.

The link to the full documentation of the connector can be found here:



Additional Information

To use our connector, users need a licensed edition of FME, access to Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Construction Cloud®, or BIM 360 Document Management, and an internet connection.

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Safe has a very robust support infrastructure - from our community forums to our live-chat experts, users will have no problem getting the help they need. You can see for yourself at

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