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360 Admin Tools

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360 Admin Tools offers a set of tools for Autodesk® BIM 360® administrators. Synchronize projects with cloud platforms, copy projects between different accounts and many other purposes.

General Usage Instructions

The steps to use 360 Administration Tools are very simple:

1. Install the app from Autodesk App Store. Make sure you have installed the BIM Tools app from the Autodesk store so that you can access your Autodesk accounts.

2. Configure your preferred connectors. From the connectors menu, create new ones for your cloud storage platforms: Office 365 (Sharepoint and Onedrive), Dropbox, or Amazon. Visit our support portal to consult on how to configure different connectors.

3. Create your first planning. From the plans menu, create your first plans: choose your account, the projects, connectors, both download or upload

4. Run your first copy. Make copies between projects in your Autodesk account or between different accounts ... for example, copy your projects from the US TO EMEA.

5. Start view your dashboard and print your operation reports

6. Remember the limitations of your free account. Remember the limit is 1GB, what how many simultaneous synchronizations and copies you can do. If you need more, ask for an Enterprise license!

7. Enjoy! And remember that you have all the necessary support and instructions for the most common tasks on our support portal




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