ConCntric - Procurement Sync Integration

ConCntric - Procurement Sync Integration

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An integrated solution to prepare and sync Bid Packages between the ConCntric preconstruction platform, and the BuildingConnected Bid Solicitation suite, including all details and attachments.

General Usage Instructions

The workflow begins in ConCntric, where a Bid Package is developed with input from various stakeholders to ensure a fully defined scope is developed for subcontractors and vendors.  This process combines detailed cost info from the current project estimate, along with design information including specifications, drawings, and other scoping documents.

Each bid package is groomed with dates through a pull planning calculator for the various steps of review and bidding, by a Bid Package leader and reviewers before being promoted through the integration with BuildingConnected for ‘Bid Solicitation’.

The sync between ConCntric and BuildingConnected enables new project setup or existing project connections in both BuildingConnected and Autodesk Construction Cloud®/Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs.

Next, we push a standardized folder structure with permissions, and the associated Bid Package attachments (specifications, drawings, scoping documents, etc.) are transferred into the associated folders.

Subsequent updates to drawings are funneled through the integration and replacement or reversion of the relevant files. Once the Bidding process has been completed and awarded in BuildingConnected, the sync enables the awarded value to populate the relevant bid package field in ConCntric, where the user can track budgets vs actuals.

The connection uses standard account connection protocols, as required by Autodesk, AWS, and ConCntric.



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This version of the app integration enables a connection between ConCntric, BuildingConnected and ACC/BIM 360 accounts. Furthermore, it enables the following functions: - Create and/or sync BuildingConnected Projects. - Create and/or sync to ACC or BIM 360 Docs Projects. - Set up ACC or BIM 360 Docs folder structure with permissions for Bid Package content. - Push Bid Packages 'Details' (data) from ConCntric to BuildingConnected and auto-complete Bid Forms. - Push Bid Package 'Content' (files) from ConCntric to ACC or BIM 360 Docs (Specs, Plans, etc.). - Push/Sync 'Award Value' from BuildingConnected back to ConCntric Bid Packages.
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