EC3 for Autodesk Construction Cloud®

EC3 for Autodesk Construction Cloud®

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C Change Labs
Import Autodesk® Takeoff packages and Autodesk® Revit® files to EC3, and export reports directly to Autodesk Docs.

General Usage Instructions

You will need:

  • If you don't have an EC3 account, you can register for a free account at
  • If you haven't enabled this app, open the Account Admin page for your account on, select the Apps tab, find the EC3 for Autodesk Construction Cloud app, and enable it.

 Import quantities and materials from ACC:

  • Log into EC3 at
  • Navigate to 'Plan and Compare Buildings' from the left sidebar.
  • Select 'Import Autodesk'. A popup will open. Login with Autodesk credentials and authorize the app to access your Data.
  • A navigator will appear, showing folders your account has access to on ACC. Find your project.
    • Revit Files you can import quantities from will appear with a blue 'Import' button.  
    • Autodesk Takeoff packages will give you a list of takeoff sets to import, and the option to import (or, if already imported, to open the project)
  • The import may take 15 seconds to two minutes. Follow the link on the completion page to the newly imported building project.

 Analyze the Embodied Carbon of your project.

  • EC3 attempts to determine the type of material from data in ACC. It will be about 80% accurate, but you will need to check each material.  
  • Check or enter the area, floors, and use of your building. This will allow you to make reasonable checks and estimates by comparing them against other buildings.  
  • Enter the address of your building, and check the map to ensure it is correctly placed. You will use this to select local materials and estimate transport emissions.
  • Check each quantity. BIM models are not always captured suitably for a takeoff; a W beam captured as a solid rectangle will appear ten times its true volume. EC3 has lookup tables and estimators to help you get quantities reasonably accurate, but expect to spend a few minutes on each element of your building. 
  • Refine each material definition, by mousing over the material type and clicking 'refine'. At a minimum, specify the strength of concretes, type and galvanization of metals, and add reinforcement for concretes.
  • If you know anything about the transportation modes for materials (beyond the default) enter in the A4 tab.
  • Add data for the A5 Construction tab, if this is in scope for you. EC3 does not have built-in defaults for A5 emissions.  

 Generate or export reports

  • Save your project.  Do this frequently. 
  • Open the Reports menu (between 'Charts' and 'Comparisons').  
  • Any reports you request from the 'Send to Autodesk' column will be directly deposited into the 'EC3 Reports' folder of your project on Autodesk Docs, if you have permission to create files there.



Additional Information

EC3 is a free, open-access tool for reducing climate impact, published by and supported by building owners, construction professionals, companies, and manufacturers.  BuildingTransparency is a nonprofit led by its founders from Skanska and C-Change Labs, and guided by a board of directors including representatives from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta, Autodesk, Interface, Crooks & Davies structural architects, Kieran Timberlake architects, and C-Change Labs.  

The Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autdoesk Takeoff integrations were funded by grants from Autodesk. 

Known Issues

Revit users whose family types include multiple layers of materials may prefer to use the Revit plugin 'tallyCAT' ( which is able to import multiple layers.

EC3 supports Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox, but not IE11.


Company Name: C Change Labs
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

C Change Labs

Support Information

Support for this plugin is available:

  • Within EC3, use the 'Report Bugs and Feedback' button at the lower right. This is the preferred approach. 
  • By email, at autodesk_support at  

Version History

Version Number Version Description


2023 Public Release with Autodesk Takeoff support.


Public Release Candidate.


Initial release.
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