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Connect Autodesk® BIM 360® accounts to HoloBuilder EU. Use BIM 360 Docs to import floorplans, 360° images, and other assets. BIM 360 Field Next Gen issues within your HoloBuilder EU project

General Usage Instructions

BIM 360 Docs & HoloBuilder EU: With HoloBuilder EU and an existing Autodesk BIM 360 account, you can log in to access your BIM 360 Docs assets/files and import them to be used inside your HoloBuilder EU projects. Floor plans, pictures and .dae/.obj files which have been stored and managed in BIM 360 Docs can be attached to any HoloBuilder EU project. For instance, a PDF floor plan residing in BIM 360 Docs can be used within HoloBuilder EU as a sheet. 

BIM 360 Field Next Gen & HoloBuilder EU: Create issues directly in the 360 screens within your HoloBuilder EU project and sync them with BIM 360 Field. Manage and share the BIM 360 Field issue markups directly with your 360 project. 


Note: Make sure to switch your BIM 360 Field account to the Next Gen version in order to integrate it with HoloBuilder EU.

Getting started

In order to work with integration, you must first authorize the HoloBuilder EU app (Step 1), then go to HoloBuilder and authorize access to your BIM 360 account (Step 2) and connect a HoloBuilder EU project with a BIM 360 project (Step 3).

Step 1) Authorize the HoloBuilder EU app

  1. Log in to your BIM 360 account
  2. Go to "Account Admin"
  3. Select the "Apps" tab
  4. Find the HoloBuilder EU app and click on it
  5. Click on "Add to BIM 360"
  6. Once the app is authorized, click "Open" to open up HoloBuilder EU

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Step 2) Add Autodesk Integration:

  1. Complete Step 1).
  2. Log into the HoloBuilder EU account with the credentials used for the signup (e.g. your Autodesk sign in).
  3. Click on the User Dropdown in the upper right corner and go to "Account".
  4. Select the tab ‘Integrations’.
  5. Click the Autodesk icon to select the integration to be added to your HoloBuilder EU account.
  6. Follow the instructions and authorize the connection to log in to your Autodesk account.
  7. Now that HoloBuilder EU can access your data, you need to load the HoloBuilder EU project you want to use to the BIM 360 project. 

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Step 3) Connecting a HoloBuilder project to a BIM 360 project

  1. Complete Step 1) and 2).
  2. Open the HoloBuilder EU project you want to connect to a BIM 360 project (can also be opened before connecting your accounts).
  3. Click the "+" Button in the lower left corner to access your integration.
  4. Select BIM 360 tab in the left-hand panel. 
  5. Select the project you want to connect with.
  6. Once you selected a project a notification will appear to inform you about the successful connection.
  7. Now that the project is connected, you can add additional assets by using the "+" button to access your BIM 360 project.

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Importing from BIM 360 Docs:

  1. Complete Step 1), 2) and 3).
  2. Open the HoloBuilder EU project you wish to add issues to.
  3. Click the "+" button in the lower left corner.
  4. Select the "BIM 360" tab.
  5. Navigate to the "Plans" or "Project Files" folder
  6. Click on the file you want to import: 
    If it is a PDF file, it will be downloaded and imported directly into HoloBuilder EU as a new floorplan. You can adjust your selection in the modal that shows up, e.g. choose specific pages from a multipage document.
    For image files, you will be asked whether you would like to add them as 360 scenes or sheets. Follow the instructions accordingly. 
    If you want to import .obj or .dae files, they must be packed as a .zip containing all the required assets (.mtl files etc.). The 3D object will be loaded into the currently opened 360 scene and can be edited accordingly.

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Creating BIM 360 Field Management Next Gen Issues:

  1. Complete Step 1), 2) and 3).
  2. Open the HoloBuilder EU project you wish to add issues to.
  3. Select the 360 scene where you identified the issue and rotate the scene to focus on the issue.
  4. In the right sidebar, click the "Markups" object from the menu to add a new issue. 
  5. Choose the markup type you would like to use to highlight the issue.
  6. Draw around the issue in the 360 scene.
  7. When finished drawing, the form pops up. Choose "Autodesk BIM 360" from the "Sync with" drop-down menu.
  8. Fill out the form with all the necessary information and save it. The issue will be synchronized with BIM 360 Field.
  9. Optionally, move or scale the markup in the 360° scene to fit the right location.
  10. Check your created issues in Autodesk BIM 360. It is now possible to access and manage the issue from within Autodesk BIM 360 Field Management. You will find a back link within the issue in BIM 360 Field Management to the related scene in HoloBuilder EU and a link to the issue within the issues information in the markups list in HoloBuilder EU.

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Additional Information

Visit https://www.holobuilder.com/euserveroption/ to get more information about how to get started with HoloBuilder EU.

System Requirements: the general requirements to use HoloBuilder EU apply (up to date browser with WebGL support: IE10 and higher, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome)

Known Issues

Importing Revit models from BIM 360 is only supported as .obj or .dae files.
Note: We recommend using our Revit or Navisworks add-in to import your models as 360 renderings in your HoloBuilder EU project instead of the complete 3D model. Go to https://success.holobuilder.com/navisworks-addin-download-eu or https://success.holobuilder.com/revit-download-eu to download the compatible versions for Holobuilder EU.


Company Name: HoloBuilder Inc.
Support Contact: support@holobuilder.com

Author/Company Information

HoloBuilder Inc.

Support Information

You can contact customer support by sending an email to support@holobuilder.com describing the issue at hand. Our friendly support team will reply within one business day to help you with your inquiry or go to HoloBuilder.eu to chat with us in our live chat.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Updated version Issues are now created as markups and can be used more individually to highlight the specific area directly in the 360-scene. With the markup list, BIM 360 Field Next Gen issues can easily be managed and searched for within HoloBuilder EU. More details are now available to configure the issues. BIM 360 projects can now be easily disconnected from the HoloBuilder EU project from within HoloBuilder EU in your Account's Integrations Settings. When switching a sheet or 360 image, this can now also be imported directly from your BIM 360 Docs integration.
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