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EarthCam Inc.
EarthCam, the leader in webcam technology, has teamed up with Autodesk® to integrate high-quality construction cameras, 360° VR photography within Autodesk® BIM 360® and Build®.

General Usage Instructions

Send EarthCam Content to BIM 360 & Build


  1. Go to your client dashboard to view your project:
    - If you have multiple projects within your dashboard, select the project you  would like to share an image from

  2. Click on the Share Icon
    Timeline Player: within the archive/panorama/live/hall-of-fame pages
    VR Site Tour: for any photo on the site-plan or in the media management page

  3. Click the BIM 360 Icon in Share Modal

  4. Select your Hub and Project

Select your Tool
Upload Image
Create RFI – DRAFT Status
Create RFI – OPEN Status
NEW: Create Issue - OPEN Status
NEW: Create Issue - DRAFT Status

  1. Click the Upload to Autodesk button

  2. Upload confirmation will appear “Your RFI was created here.
    Upload Image – Clicking “here” will take user to the image within BIM 360
    RFI Draft Status - Clicking “here” will take the user to RFI to update and Submit to the Reviewer
    RFI Open Status - Clicking “here” will take the user to RFI to review and Submit Official Response
    - NEW:
     Issue Draft Status - Clicking "here" will take the user to the Issue to update and Set Status to Open 
    NEW: Issue Open Status - Clicking "here" will take the user to the Issue. It is immediately ready for review by your team members.




Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: EarthCam Inc.
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EarthCam Inc.

Support Information

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Phone (800) 327-8422

Version History

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Initial release.
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