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QR Markup

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QR code for document version.

General Usage Instructions

App Usage:

Viewer App:

  • You need an Autodesk® account.
  • Click the Sign in button to login
  • A folder tree will appear on the left. Click the item to expand
  • Navigate to any files including Autodesk® Revit® file and PDF Files
  • Click on a sub-item 'version' to view
  • Selected model will appear in the right pane
  • Use Next button to navigate 2D documents (i.e Plans or PDF)
  • Use Navigator button to choose 2D document from the list (i.e Plans or PDF)
  • QR code would appear over the model
  • Please use QR Resize panel to resize to dimensions smaller than containing panel
  • Click on the Print Preview toolbar button to show print preview
  • Viewer and QR code only appears enabling you to print effectively
  • Either print the QR code embedded document with or save it as PDF for later use
  • Once you are done Click on QR code to re-enable the toolbars
  • Click on User button to find the accessed user list.


Scanner App:

  • Scan the printed document QR code using any QR scanners available in Play Store or App Store or GLUE. 
  • Sign in using Autodesk® account.
  • You would get version details if you have right access.
  • Click on the title to get scanned user list.
  • If you have do not have enough permission to access, document owner detail would be available.
  • If you think you need to contact the document owner you can send a mail by clicking on the button


 App Integration: 

  • You need an Autodesk® BIM 360® account.
  • Click the Sign in button to login
  • Select Account Admin product
  • Navigate to settings and click Apps and Integration
  • Click Add Integration to your BIM product page 
  • Please fill in the client ID and App name 
  • Check save account details. Now the app is integrated to your BIM account.



Additional Information

Please use QR resize panel to resize QR code dimensions smaller than containing panel

Known Issues


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Support Information

If URL for QR code is not working as specified then contact cccnishant@gmail.com


Version History

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Email feature for document access request


Use PDF and 2D plans at ease.
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