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GAMMA Technologies S.à.r.l.
GAMMA AR enables construction managers to visualize 3D BIM models on the construction site with Augmented reality.

General Usage Instructions

Follow this guide for step by step tutorial:

1.  Download  GAMMA AR App and create an account.



2.  Now visit the GAMMA BIM PORTAL at  and sign in into your account.

3.  In the "Upload Models and Share" section, create a project, and upload your IFC model. 

4.  After your model has been processed, download the model in your GAMMA AR app.

5.  Use the GAMMA AR app to create issues, RFIs, and track the progress on site.

    Issues created in GAMMA AR are synchronized with the GAMMA BIM PORTAL and will be displayed in the "Notes" section of the GAMMA BIM PORTAL.


Connecting & synchronizing to Autodesk® BIM360®️:

6.  Go to the "Notes" section.

7.  Synchronize your issues with BIM360 by selecting a project from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.

8.  Click "Add Integration" and choose Autodesk BIM360 Docs/Field or BIM360 Field (Classic).

9.  You will be asked to authorize the connection by BIM360.

10. Click the button "Choose Project" and select the BIM360 project that you want your issues to be synchronized to. 

    Your GAMMA AR and BIM360 projects are now linked. 

11. In the table of the GAMMA BIM PORTAL's "Notes" section, a new column appears. This contains the issue IDs from BIM360. 

    Clicking the ID will forward you to the specific BIM360 issue.

12. In BIM360, issues from GAMMA AR are marked with the Greek capital letter "Γ" = Gamma.

13. GAMMA AR puts the GUID of the Objects into location details in BIM360.

14. Images from GAMMA AR can be found in the attachments tab. 

15. In GAMMA BIM PORTAL's "Upload Models and share" section, you can also use models from your BIM360 Docs project. 



Additional Information

Only issues created in GAMMA AR will be synchronized bidirectionally with BIM360.

BIM360 Issues will stay in BIM360.

GAMMA BIM PORTAL works only with Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium V81.0), and Safari. 

Known Issues


Company Name: GAMMA Technologies S.à.r.l.
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GAMMA Technologies S.à.r.l.

Support Information

If you need any support, feel free to contact us through our integrated chat or write us an email to

Version History

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEW GAMMA AR RELEASE With the new version of GAMMA AR, you are now able to 1. Assign issues & tasks with due dates within the GAMMA AR project teams as well as external contractors and consultants 2. Place scaled models on tables for design review meetings 3. Synchronize your issues with Autodesk BIM 360® And many more powerful and useful improvements.
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