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Connect to Autodesk® BIM® 360 Docs in less than 90 seconds. Use voice and image recognition to gather and find photos saving 60% of the time you would normally spend.

General Usage Instructions

 Step-by-step instructions:

  1. BIM 360: Enter BIM 360 Account Admin area
  2. Click on Apps tab and add "" as application to your account
  3. Create a project in
  4. Open “Integrations” area
  5. Select “Autodesk BIM 360 Docs” integration
  6. Click "Connect" to BIM 360 Docs, enter your BIM 360 Docs credentials, then choose the project and folder(s) you wish to integrate
  7. Set integration status to "Enabled"
  8. The integration will now start working automatically to pull your photos and videos from BIM 360 Docs into
  9. You can now create and manage your Smart Tags in the tag dictionary to automatically categorize your imagery
  10. Set up saved searches for both automatic and manual tags to facilitate getting the most recent imagery to executive
  11. Set up your marketing and safety organizations so they have access to jobsite photography and can approve it for release. 




Additional Information

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