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Define, analyze, verify and manage all your project requirements in one place with BriefBuilder. Connect with Autodesk® Construc†ion Cloud for seamless integration with your existing documents.

General Usage Instructions


In order to enable Autodesk Construction Cloud integration in BriefBuilder you are required to have the following authorizations:

For BriefBuilder

  • An account with the project role: Requirements Manager

For Autodesk

  • An account with the role 'Account administrator' to install the BriefBuilder app in Autodesk® BIM 360® or Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • An account with the role 'Project Administrator' to integrate the BriefBuilder app in BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud


The BriefBuilder app must be added and activated in the Autodesk app store by a BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud Account Administrator.

Note: If you haven’t installed the BriefBuilder App, you won’t be able to connect the project in BriefBuilder.


To activate the integration in BriefBuilder you can check our knowledge base here or follow these steps:

  • Before starting in BriefBuilder make sure you have added the BriefBuilder app to your Autodesk environment via the app store and have enabled integration for the relevant project(s).
  • In BriefBuilder, navigate to the project model which you want to link to Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Go to the settings menu in the bottom left corner and select 'Document management'.
  • Click on the button 'Change configuration'
  • In the pop-up window select 'Autodesk Construction Cloud' for the field 'Document Management System'
  • Click on the new button that appeared called 'Authenticate with Autodesk Construction Cloud' (if you have already done this before, this step will be skipped)
  • Authenticate with your Autodesk account when asked to do so and grant permission to BriefBuilder to gain access to the project data
  • After authentication, you will return back to the BriefBuilder configuration window 
  • You can now select the Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 project that you would like to use in your BriefBuilder project, afterward, click 'Update'



Once you have successfully configured the integration you can now use it in your project in the following ways:

When selecting supporting files for requirements or adding uploads to objects you will now by default see a search window where you can search for files in your configured Autodesk project. After selecting one or more files, they will be downloaded into your BriefBuilder project. You can always navigate back to the original document in Autodesk Construction Cloud by clicking the 'external link' icon.

  • To select a supporting file, hover over the supporting file column next to a requirement like 'Quantity'.
  • Click the icon that looks like a document with a plus sign
  • From here, the search window will appear.
  • To select files for upload, go to an object and scroll to the bottom of its detail page, there you will see the table 'Uploads'.
  • Click the + icon to see the search window.

When verifying requirements in BriefBuilder, you can directly select demonstration documents from your configured Autodesk project as well. Selecting one or more files will automatically create the related demonstration documents in BriefBuilder. 

  • To add a demonstration document make sure you have some requirements in your project
  • Then go to the left menu and under 'Verification' click the 'Verification table' sub menu-item
  • Click the 'Show' button to see all your requirements and related verification
  • In the 'Demonstration documents' column, click on the '+ Select' link to open the search window and select the files you need.




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Visit our knowledge base for all your questions regarding BriefBuilder For questions specific to the integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud click here.

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