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BLK3D creates 3D images that contain precise three-dimensional measurements. With the Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs integration, the 3D Images are sharable and measurable within the BIM 360 environment.

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for Adding Leica BLK3D to a BIM 360 Account:

BIM 360 Admins can find the Leica BLK3D BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM 360 Account.

Connect to BIM 360 Docs on BLK3D Mobile

- Open BLK3D app on BLK3D Imager

- Make sure you are connected to the internet

- Click on the Autodesk tile

- Click on the User icon in the top toolbar

- Click on the Login button and use your Autodesk single sign on to log in


Connect to BIM 360 Docs on BLK3D Desktop

- Open BLK3D Desktop 

- Navigate to BIM 360 tab

- Follow the instructions to login to BIM 360 Docs and use your Autodesk single sign on to log in

Your Leica BLK3D BIM 360 Integration is now active in BIM 360.

Use case:

On construction sites, users have to constantly document situations, such as work was done, or something went wrong, or the current conditions on the site and how future work can be organised. When the user is taking these photos with BLK3D (we call the photos "3D Images", since the images produce a 3D model from a 2D photo based on photogrammetry algorithms) he can later measure in them with high precision. These 3D Images can also be shared with users who have the BLK3D SW to view them. Additionally, with the Autodesk integration, we are allowing users to attach our 3D Images into BIM 360 PDFs directly in Issues. These 3D Images can then also be directly viewed and measured from a browser in our custom-built 3D Image web-viewer. Each 3D Image that is attached to an Issue in BIM 360 will have the data of the image stored in the attachments (.cmi) as well as a custom link which is created in the description part of the Issue where user can directly access the image.

The browsers which support the viewing the 3D images are Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer and Safari. 


To use the BLK3D BIM 360 integration, the creator of the shared files has to have a BLK3D device with BIM 360 SW integration package as well as his Autodesk account.

Users who only view and measure in images, do not require any kind of purchase of BLK3D SW or other. To view and measure photos, only an Autodesk authentication is required.

The app will display only the Plans folder from the BIM 360 Document management and only PDF files from BIM 360 can be accessed in the BLK 3D software.




Additional Information

BLK3D integration is available for anyone with BLK3D Imager device. It is a photo-documentation device from Leica Geosystems AG and it can be bought at any local selling unit or authorized distributor. User will also need a BIM 360 integration license from BLK3D. More information here:


Known Issues


Company Name: Leica Geosystems AG

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Leica Geosystems AG

Support Information

Contact support any time at SUPPORT BLK3D blk3d.support.geo@leica-geosystems.com.

We will respond to the issue within one working day.

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