Export to Excel

Export to Excel

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Autodesk, Inc.
The app lets you export your Autodesk® Revit® data, hosted on Autodesk® BIM 360®, into an Excel file.

General Usage Instructions

Before you start, you will need an account on Autodesk.com

1. Click the Sign in button to login

2. A folder tree will appear on the left. Click the item to expand

3. Navigate to a Revit file and click on a sub-item ‘version’ to view

> The Revit model will appear in the right pane

4. Once you are viewing the file, click on the ‘Excel export’  toolbar button

5. Open the .XLSX file with Excel

Config button refers the information on setting up Bim credentials.




Additional Information

The source code is available at Github.

Known Issues

Revit External ID is not yet exported.


Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.
Support Contact: fpd.apps@autodesk.com

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Autodesk, Inc.

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Initial release.
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