Win32 and 64, English

A practical permissions management interface didn’t exist until now. Simple to use, Permissio is the app you need to simplify your Autodesk® document management experience.

General Usage Instructions

Required Minimum User Access - user must have at least one of these assignments:

  • Docs Account Admin or Project Admin
  • Project Role of Document Controller or VDC Admin


Forge Integration

  • Login to your Docs Admin account
  • Navigate to setting and select “Custom Integrations”
  • Add Permissio as a Custom Integration following the steps provided within the App.


App usage

  • Log in using your Autodesk Credentials and Load a Project
  • See a User’s Permissions
  • Compare Project Members
  • Find all users with specific roles – Subject List Explorer
  • Use a Project Snapshot to Find a User’s Permissions Changes
  • Find Missing/Moved & Renamed Folders 




Permissio is a stand-alone application that when installed will save in the following location C:\Program Files\Permissio. To remove Permissio you can navigate to the folder mentioned using File Explorer and delete the Permissio folder.

Additional Information

For additional information please visit our Help URL at

Known Issues


Company Name: Permissio

Author/Company Information


Support Information has a “Resources” landing page. We have an interactive use user interface for known issues. Users may send a message to us via the Home page for direct contact. This is linked with our Zendesk support system for quick response time.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Version, April 04, 2022 Additional ACC / Docs terminology applied. Version, March 22, 2022 Additional ACC / Build folder naming compatibility added. Version, January 18, 2022 First Public Release.
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