NavVis IVION ACC Connection

NavVis IVION ACC Connection

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NavVis GmbH
Cloud-to-cloud connection of as-built information from NavVis IVION with Autodesk Construction Cloud®.

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for Adding NavVis IVION ACC Connection to an Autodesk Construction Cloud Account:

Autodesk Construction Cloud  Admins can find the NavVis IVION ACC Connection ACC Integration in Account Administration under the "Apps" tab. Select to add to your ACC Account. Your NavVis IVION ACC Connection Integration is now active in ACC.

This current version is in beta for a limited user group only. The user needs a working NavVis IVION instance to use the connection as an ACC account. Before starting you need to login to IVION and ACC to synch data from Cloud to Cloud. Please visit for more information on how to get your NavVis IVION instance.

Usage Instructions

Please also refer to screenshots and the workflow video in the app description.

Authentication / Connecting ACC with NavVis IVION

  1. Provide the URL of your NavVis IVION instance.
  2. In the newly opened tab, log in to your IVION instance and allow NavVis IVION ACC Connection app accessing your instance. Close the tab.
  3. Log in to your ACC account and allow NavVis IVION ACC Connection app to access your project data.
  4. Finish authorization.

Set up Synchronizations

  1. To create a new synchronization profile between ACC Issues and NavVis IVION's Points of Interest, click the "+".
  2. Select the site you want to be connected to one of your ACC projects.
  3. Select your ACC project where issues should be synced.
  4. Choose the type of NavVis IVION Point of Interest and the related ACC Issues category.
  5. Done! NavVis IVION ACC Connection app will now sync the created pairs of POIs and issue all 15 minutes automatically.



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