Data Exchange for AutoCAD®, Early Access

Data Exchange for AutoCAD®, Early Access

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Autodesk® AutoCAD® Connector allows you to create and share Data Exchanges and consume Data Exchanges that are created and shared by other Autodesk and non-Autodesk applications.

General Usage Instructions

Create Data Exchange: AutoCAD users can create Data Exchanges to share their AutoCAD models and designs with other platforms, facilitating collaboration and coordination across different software environments.

Update Data Exchanges: After making changes to their AutoCAD models or drawings, users can update existing Data Exchanges to ensure the latest design modifications are synchronized with other team members or project stakeholders.

Load Data Exchanges: Users can load Data Exchanges from other platforms into AutoCAD, enabling seamless integration of data from different sources and enhancing multidisciplinary collaboration.

Loading Latest Versions: The connector allows AutoCAD users to check for and load the latest versions of Data Exchanges, ensuring they always have access to the most up-to-date project data from external sources.

Unload Data Exchanges: Users have the option to unload Data Exchanges from the AutoCAD interface when they are no longer needed, without affecting the availability of the data in the source platform.

Manage Data Exchanges: AutoCAD users can efficiently manage their Data Exchanges by deleting or viewing them, providing better organization and control over shared project data.

Select Elements from Data Exchanges: The connector enables users to select specific elements from imported Data Exchanges, allowing targeted design modifications and focused collaboration on particular components.

View Data Exchange Logs: Accessing log files provides a troubleshooting tool for AutoCAD users. In case of any issues during data exchange, users can review the log files to diagnose problems and, if necessary, share them with support teams for further analysis.

The AutoCAD Data Exchange Connector enhances data interoperability, promotes collaboration across various software platforms, and streamlines design coordination and information exchange processes. By leveraging these features, AutoCAD users can efficiently collaborate with teams using different tools and seamlessly integrate project data for improved project outcomes.




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Version History

Version Number Version Description


1. Support Data Exchanges for AutoCAD 2024 2. Resolved issues while loading exchanges from Rhino 7 3. Resolved issues while creating exchanges with selection option 4. Resolved minor issues while loading exchanges from Civil3D into AutoCAD


1. Create Data Exchanges AutoCAD 2. Load Data Exchanges in AutoCAD


1. Create Data Exchanges AutoCAD 2. Load Data Exchanges in AutoCAD
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