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The most advanced detail management tool for architects and engineers. Effortlessly download details and sheets from past projects into new projects.

General Usage Instructions

1. Upload your firm's past projects onto Pirros.

Instructions for Adding Pirros to Autodesk Construction Cloud®/Autodesk® BIM 360® Account:

ACC/BIM 360 Admins can find the Pirros ACC / BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the "Apps" tab. Select to add to your ACC / BIM 360 Account. Your Pirros Integration is now active in ACC / BIM 360. 


To upload details yourself, you can:

  1. Go onto the Projects Page on Pirros and open View Source Models on the top right.
  2. Here you will see any active uploads currently happening as well as past uploads that have been completed.
  3. Click on Upload New Models to begin.
  4. You have two options for how you want to upload:
    1. You can drag-and-drop Autodesk® Revit® Models into the platform.
    2. You can link your Autodesk account to Pirros to find your models saved under your account.
  5. After selecting models, you must give each model a project name and number or distinguish it as Typical Details.
  6. Then Click Upload
  7. You will be able to see the details coming into each project and see the progress of each upload back on this page.  


2. Search for the detail you want to incorporate into your current project.

Go to the All Details page on Pirros and filter down based on project and detail parameters to find the detail you are looking for. You can also use our fully developed search engine to find a detail. The search engine is user-friendly, quickly deducing which details in your library fit your keyword search.

3. Click Stage for Download.

After finding the detail you want to use in your project, all you have to do is click the Stage for Download button. This will allow you to download the detail into Revit using the Pirros Revit Plug-in. 

4. Click Download a Detail in the Pirros Revit Plug-in. 

Once you open Revit, go into your add-ins tab to find Pirros. Click Download a Detail. You will be directed to link the current Revit model to a current or new project in Pirros. After doing this, your detail will download and upgrade into your current version of Revit. 

5. The detail you chose will open in Revit.

With your detail now downloaded into your Revit project model, you are able to edit it and include it in your sheets and document set. 



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Company Name: Pirros
Support Contact: support@pirros.com

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Email us if you have any questions! Technical support is provided primarily through our website live chat and email contact at support@pirros.com

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