VIRTUELE - BIM Data Validation and Migration

VIRTUELE - BIM Data Validation and Migration

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This app checks and fixes the errors in Autodesk® Revit® models. Users can add loads and additional information for members. Users can convert Revit to a Trimble® Tekla® model.

General Usage Instructions

Add the app to your Autodesk® BIM 360® Account: BIM 360 admins can find the VIRTUELE - BIM Data Validation and Migration in BIM 360 Account Admin under the “Apps” tab. To add the app to your BIM 360 account, select the app and click “Add to BIM 360". 

A cloud platform for the users to review their model profiles and grades as per AISC for errors and correct them. Download the updated Revit or convert and download a Tekla model without having to know how to use 3D model software.

Upload the required Revit model to your BIM 360 documents. Add the same into our app for extraction. You will see the magic happen and will be able to correct and update it into a Revit or a Tekla model.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Upload REVIT models to your BIM 360 documents.
  2. Open the VIRTUELE - BIM Data Validation and Migration application on BIM 360 and select the Revit model to run the application.  
  3. Review the errors and fix them individually or in groups.
  4. Add/modify loads in the model.
  5. Add/modify data in the User-Defined Attributes (UDA).
  6. Update the Revit Model to a new Revit model or convert it into a Tekla Model.
  7. Download an updated Revit Model or Tekla Model.
  8. View and download Error reports.




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1. Check and correct the structural steel profiles and grades of the members in the Revit model as per AISC. 2. Add/Modify UDA's and loads for each member. 3. Download the updated Revit model "Free for a limited time". 4. Convert Revit to Tekla and download the Tekla model "Free for a limited time".
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