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Digitize your forms for use on mobile devices – no code required. Input Images, GPS, Sketches & Signatures. Create/update BIM360 records with form data and dispatch prepopulated forms to field teams.

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for Adding GoFormz Mobile Forms to an Autodesk® BIM360® Account:

BIM360 Admins can find the GoFormz Mobile Forms BIM360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM360 Account.

Switch to mobile forms and documents - GoFormz is available on every device!

Our free mobile forms apps for iOS and Android unlock new and powerful information and workflows to make your work-life simpler and more efficient. Using GoFormz, you can convert your existing paper forms into mobile forms that have all of the benefits of mobile devices but still maintain the familiarity of your existing forms and documents. With GoFormz you can make use of new and powerful data types, such as: maps and location data (GPS), embedded images, barcode and QR code scanning, and signature capture.

Customers start the GoFormz journey by uploading a blank copy of an existing paper form (or starting with a new form). Once uploaded into GoFormz, the customer will make the form interactive by layering over smart digital form fields, and adding calculations and other dynamic properties. Once completed, the form can be sent (or synced) to a mobile device running the GoFormz mobile app where it can be completed out in the field. Once the device syncs, the form data is store in the cloud and routed to the customer's system of record or other internal systems via integrations.



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Company Name: GoFormz
Support Contact: support@goformz.com

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Customer can access GoFormz support by emailing support@goformz.com or visiting https://help.goformz.com/

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