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Schedule Analysis (including DCMA), Comparison, Earned Value, Enterprise Cash Flow, Multi-Schedule Trends, Schedule Conversion, and Gantt Viewer.

General Usage Instructions

1. Log into

2. Under "Tools", click "CPM Schedule Folders"

3. Under "Sync", click "Autodesk Sync" (Note: This step cant be performed unless and until you verify your account by clicking on the link by logging into your email that has been used to Register)

4. You will need to "refresh" the page (depending on the number of schedule files it may take a couple minutes to sync)

Note: only folders that have schedule files will appear to sync.

Online Instructional Videos:


Gantt Viewer

The Gantt viewer provides all the tools needed to view, analyze, and compare any P6 or MS Project schedule. Filter, sort, and search all/any activates within the schedule. View details and trace through the logic by clicking on the successor or predecessor. Quickly create a fragnet by using the fragnet utility, and clicking successors or predecessors to add additional activities. Save the Gantt as a PDF, create an Excel of the columns, create an Excel Gantt, or create an Excel Look Ahead directly from the schedule just by selecting a date.

Store/Organize provides an intuitive "drag and drop" folder system where you can create a project and store all associated Schedules (including both Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project) along with notes for that project. This provides a fast and efficient way of keeping this critical information in one easy to find place. You can re-download the files anytime, anywhere for your convenience.

Import Microsoft Project (MSP) or Primavera P6

PC.o will accept both a Microsoft Project (.mpp) and Primavera (.xer). All features work for both.


Share your schedules and reports with Clients / Contractors / Owners / Superintendents, anyone with internet access. These users do not need a subscription to view/download schedules.

Enterprise Earned Value / Cash Flow Reporting

Use PC.o to quickly and easily create earned value / cash flow reports. Create the graph for an individual schedule or merge multiple schedules (both baselines and updates separately) into an enterprise report. Even combine Primavera P6 and MS Project schedules together for cash flow reporting.

Click on the legend to show/hide lines. Use the area charts to easily recognize the early and late ranges, allowing a more accurate representation of schedule data and comparisons.

Export the Summary (both cumulative and period) into Excel, or export the detailed information (by Project/Activity/Resource/Role/Account/Month) into Excel which includes both dollars and units for labor, materials, and equipment.

Schedule Analysis

Take your Primavera P6 (.xer) or Microsoft Project (.mpp) and get in-depth analysis (baseline analysis) on a single schedule. The analysis is provided in Microsoft Excel so you can review/filter/and create custom reports directly from the data provided.

Schedule Comparison

Compare the differences between the two schedules, with in-depth excel reports. Allows the comparison between a Microsoft Project and a Primavera Schedule. Download the individual metric, download the summary, or download all reports into Excel for quick and easy sorting/filtering and additional reporting needs.

DCMA 14 Point Assessment

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) 14 Point Assessment is a part of every analysis and comparison, providing additional insight into the health of the schedule.

Create Look Ahead with Schedule

Use your P6 or MSP schedule to create an Excel Look Ahead, just provide the data date. This allows for quick and easy look ahead creation which can be shared with superintendents, inspectors, owners, clients... etc...

Create Excel Gantt

If you don't have P6 or MSP, save the file as an Excel based Gantt chart for easy viewing without the software.

Convert Schedules

When you download the schedule, as a subscriber you have the option of converting it to another format. The conversion process also converts activities, calendars, resources, WBS. PC.o also allows you to remove information (such as activity codes or notes) when you download the file preventing additional codes from corrupting your P6 enterprise reports.




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