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BIM-based production planning and control for modular construction.

General Usage Instructions

In-depth tutorials and guides are available at support portal (available to subscribed customers only).

Instructions for Adding app to Autodesk Construction Cloud™ Account:

Autodesk Construction Cloud Admins can find the Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration in Account Administration under the Apps tab. Add to your Autodesk Construction Cloud Account. Please refer to the BIM 360 apps guide for more information.

Follow this guide for a step-by-step tutorial:

1.      Click the "Add to BIM 360" button to connect with your Autodesk Construction Cloud account.

2.       Sign up for trial account at

3.       Visit app and log in with your account.

4.       Select Project > Create New Project to create a new project. Fill in the required fields and create your project.

5.       Select Definition > Repositories to add Autodesk Construction Cloud files to your project.

5.1.       Select Create to create a new repository.

5.2.       Select the correct service. In the pop-up login with your Autodesk account and allow access to your Autodesk Construction Cloud data.

5.3.       Enable Add all file versions and select folder to add to your project.

5.4.       Select the created repository and verify that all files are available. Individual BIM model files/versions can be added or removed as necessary.

6.       Select Definition > Parameters to maintain any parameters you want to use from your BIM models.

7.       Select Definition > Classification Usage.

7.1.       Select Manage Level of Information and add a classification to use for the management of Level of Information (e.g. OmniClass Table 21 – Elements).

8.       Select Design & Engineering > Take-Off to create take-off from your BIM model(s).

8.1.       Select Create Take-Off to create a new take-off.

8.2.       Fill the required fields and select a BIM model version to use for take-off.

8.3.       Select the created take-off. BIM metadata is fetched from the corresponding Autodesk service and take-off elements are displayed in the table.

8.4.       Click the 3D Model View button toggle visibility of the BIM model viewer. If enabled the BIM model viewable is loaded from Autodesk and displayed. Selecting elements from the table will automatically isolate the elements in the viewer.

8.5.       Select the elements you want to use for production planning and execution and click Save Selection.

9.       Use the other tools as appropriate to assign activities and products to saved elements; create a schedule for production planning; perform Material Requirements Planning; calculate the cost of the project using resource-based budgeting; etc.




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Support Information

Users get access to Support Portal with published how-to guides and community forums to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Users can submit tickets to our support using the following support channels:

  1. In-app menu for creating a ticket 
  2. Support Portal available at (available only to subscribed customers)
  3. Email to
  4. Call us +1 906 284 5396 (USA) or +372 608 0501 (Europe)

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