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Connect your critical Multivista content directly into your Autodesk® BIM360® project.

General Usage Instructions

Multivista's BIM360 integration currently services BIM360 Docs and will soon connect with BIM360 Build. You can export images and entire floorplans. Please note, Multivista floorplans will have active hyperlinks that connect back to the images referenced by our hotspots or image icons. 

The first step is to authenticate or log into your BIM360 account via Multivista:

  1. Mutual clients simply need to log into Multivista at
  2. Find your name in the top right corner of Multivista and click on the down arrow, then select 'My Account'
  3. Once you are on your user profile page, you will see an 'Integrations' tab, select it
  4. Click 'Connect' across from the BIM360 icon and log into your BIM360 account.  This will authenticate your account.

Now when you view an image within the 'Photoviewer' in Multivista you can export your content directly to your BIM360 projects.

  1. Click on an image you want to view to open the Photoviewer within Multivista
  2. In the top right you will see a 3-dot menu, click on it
  3. Next hover over 'Export' and you will see BIM360 as an option within a new drop-down, select it
  4. A pop-up window will open and allow you to select your project and the date
  5. Select 'Done' and your image is sent to BIM360 


Images are used for back up to traditional construction documents like RFIs, Change Orders, ITCs, ASIs, etc.




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BIM360 Docs integration. Users can export content directly from Multivista into their BIM360 Docs project. Our next phase will include BIM360 Build.
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