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Unleash your productivity and streamline collaboration by connecting design and make data between Autodesk® Revit® and Microsoft's Power Automate platform.

General Usage Instructions

Before you use this integration, ensure you have access to data exchanges in your Autodesk Construction Cloud® (Docs) project. For information on how to create data exchanges, view the step-by-step instruction on this Autodesk Help page.

To start integrating your data exchanges with Power Automate, first make sure you enable/install the integration in your Autodesk Construction Cloud account. If you're an account admin, you can find the Power Automate integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Install the integration to add to your account.

With the integration enabled in your Autodesk Construction Cloud account, you can now move over to Power Automate to create your automated flow.

  1. Navigate to https://powerautomate.microsoft.com and sign in to your Microsoft account
  2. You can start your flow through the "Create", "Templates", or "Connectors" tabs – we recommend starting with one of our templates, which will get you up-and-running quickly.
  3. If you choose a template, you can begin by sending an automated email when an exchange is updated or automatically writing updated elements and parameters of an exchange to a spreadsheet. You can find our templates and Connector by searching for "data exchange".
  4. Within your Power Automate flow, you can adjust and customize the template, triggers, actions*, and connected apps to your liking. 


For more information on getting started with Power Automate flows, take this guided tour.

* The Data Exchange Connector contains two triggers (exchange creation and update) and three actions (get exchange metadata, properties, and asset-specific data)




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