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Your BIM model is at your fingertips. BIMSearch integrates Autodesk® BIM 360® Cloud, and every BIM 360 user can enjoy the benefits of an added by BIMSearch value.

General Usage Instructions

Sign in with your Autodesk Account

Create your BIMSearch account. 

Send a notification to your BIM hub administrator in order to integrate your projects with BIMSearch. In the meantime, you can explore BIMSearch through a preloaded demo project. 


Basic Features: 

Search Templates

By selecting one of the Search Templates you can automatically create a report for one of the building elements categories. 

The 3D model actively reacts for selected searches and highlights the selected building element. 

The grouping information explains the report’s organizational logic.  


Interactive 3D model for the report selection

Selected information segments from the report are also represented in the 3D model visualization.  


Additional Filters

With additional filters, you can set the parameters for custom reports. For best results, work your way down the filters from top to bottom, as prompted by the app: select the category, filter by parameter, choose the properties, and assign the grouping logic.  


Double click

Double-clicking on the element selects all the elements of the same type and their sum. 

Use +/- to enlarge or minimize the report or the 3D model  


Export to Excel

Use the button to download the report in Excel format.  



Use Settings to update personal information. 




Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: AMEC Tech
Support Contact:

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


The first BIMSearch version allows every Autodesk® BIM 360® user to pool data from published to BIM 360 models. The projects tree "remembers" the last opened model by the specific user, and opens the project folders chain automatically on the next working session. The report creation can be done using predefined by AMECTech Search Templates, or by custom settings of needed category, filter parameter, properties and grouping settings for organizing the report as required. The settings refer to the .rvt format. The user is able to export the report to Excel. After creating the report the user is able to minimize or enlarge the 3D model section or the report table. Double clicking on the element selects all elements of the same type and their sum.
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