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Formworks is a self-configurable application that allows users to build highly complex data capture interfaces both offline (iOS) and on the web.

General Usage Instructions

Users build data capture applications on a self-service application builder containing over 20 field elements such as time fields, sketches, photos, tables, etc. This builder is accessed via a browser and forms part of the Formworks portal.

Applications that users build can then be augmented with logic to perform commands such as calculations, working out acceptable ranges, hide and reveal, mirroring of data, and more. Databases can also be integrated into custom applications so staff always have data in hand (customer data, site data, parts, design information, etc) 

Once a user's application is published it can be deployed to the web, or to an iOS device for staff to capture information, improve data quality, and reduce duplicate data entry. Formworks work offline on iOS. 

Submissions of data by users can be configured to export in a range of options including PDF, CSV, JSON, XML via standard protocols such as web service, email, and sFTP. Formworks integrate with most software solutions that support API frameworks, as well as with SQL, and data exports can be customized based on preference. 

On BIM 360 Field enable the integration from the Account Admin Apps tab by locating Formworks and clicking on “Add to BIM 360”.

To set up a custom application to export into an Autodesk® BIM 360® Field Project Folder Navigate to the Formworks Admin option > Click on Manage Exports > Select Autodesk BIM 360 Field as an option > You will then be requested to enter your BIM 360 Field Login details which will authenticate a token allowing you to stay logged in to BIM 360 Field while in Formworks (valid for 30 days) > Select your BIM 360 Field Hub ID and the Project Folder you would like to send your form submissions to in BIM 360 Field > Complete the relevant form on the Formworks App and click Submit > The form will automatically be sent to the relevant project folder in BIM 360 Field.




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The Formworks portal is accessed with secure logins via a browser.

The Formworks mobile app is downloaded from the Apple App store and functions on iPad with an iPhone version scheduled for release in 2020.

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The Formworks web portal is available through a browser based login while our mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. Please contact us to gain access.
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