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Arclan Inc.
A simple tool for your projects so the team can be in the loop - sharing ideas, discuss and communicate as the project evolves.

General Usage Instructions

Arclan Integrates with Autodesk®  BIM360®.


Custom Integration steps:


  • Login to your Docs Admin account
  • Navigate to setting and select “Custom Integrations”
  • Add the Arclan as a Custom Integration following the steps provided within the App.


Here's how to use Arclan with a few simple steps and workflows.


1. Sign in with your Autodesk Account.


2. Once logged in, your account's projects and team members will be in sync on Arclan.


3. Navigate to the Project you want to > Select the folder > Then the drawing(or drawing version) > The drawing and design will be visible and active.


4. Select the element or item in the drawing and start discussing. 


5. You can turn discussions into BIM360 Issues directly from arclan.



Additional Information

The app requires you to be a BIM360 User to use Arclan.

Known Issues

The app is in beta and even so it's still very stable but we are working to ensure there are no issues in this build.


Company Name: Arclan Inc.
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Arclan Inc.

Support Information

You can contact us on

In the app, we have a dedicated help center for you to contact us should you need any help, feedback or problem. 


Version History

Version Number Version Description

Version 1.0.1

This is the initial beta version of the app under the version number 1.0.1 - which we are setting live to ensure the smooth transition to a complete stable version.
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