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Frontir allows you to extract your model data in an easy manner and leverage this data within your core business.

General Usage Instructions

Frontir enables you to extract data from various application sources and bring it into one environment (Frontir Project). For the ACC / Autodesk® BIM 360® connector, this means your teams will always have the data from the BIM models up to date and ready for processing. It eliminates the need to produce schedules with data by the modeling teams and thus frees them to focus their efforts on producing the perfect model. 

Frontir can be used to build self-service analytics services, do dashboarding the easy way and produce quantity take-offs the way you want them to be.

The steps to take to integrate ACC & BIM 360 and Frontir:

  1. Register the Frontir App from the App Store to your ACC / BIM 360 account. (account admin)
  2. Create an ACC & BIM 360 Connector in Frontir (see video).
  3. Create a Project on Frontir and add the Connector to the Project.
  4. Within the Frontir Project - create a new pipeline (see video) to extract data from ACC & BIM 360
  5. The pipeline can be triggered manually and it runs on a 24-hour schedule. This will enable you to have the latest data from your BIM models available when you need it.


In the video, we show the steps mentioned above.



Additional Information

In version 1 this application processes the following data:

- Autodesk® Revit®: Architectural and Structural. MEP data is also extracted but not yet fully transformed as the Architectural and Structural data

- IFC: Revit based IFC's. 

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