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ArchiveHub is the most complete Autodesk® BIM360® archiving solution, providing a full download of all BIM360 project data & metadata and the ability to view this information in a more concise way.

General Usage Instructions

To use the app, simply add it to your BIM 360 account from the Apps tab inside BIM360. Please refer to the BIM360 apps guide for more information.


Head over to to start using the app once added to BIM 360.


Guided archive process

The Create Archive panel is easily accessible from anywhere in the app and guides users through creating a new archive. The steps to make a new archive are :

  • select the project to be archived
  • enter archive name & description and who gets notified
  • choose settings: what is archived & how many versions
  • you'll then be redirected to the archive details page, fill in the payment information once the Complete Payment button becomes available


Easy to access your archive

Once an archive has completed processing, you'll get a notification with a download link & access code. These are also accessible from the archive's detail page in the History section of the app.



Current and past archives can be viewed on the History tab, where you can also filter by project or archive status. Select any archive in the table to view its details such as status, payment information, etc.



Manage archives centrally for your entire BIM360 account, meaning multiple information managers and project admins can collaborate on archiving data and there's never any disruptions when a colleague is not available.


Data retention

By default, customer data is retained and can be downloaded for 14 days after an archive has completed processing. After this time, our system permanently wipes customer data from our service.


Data security

All customer data is stored using Microsoft Azure cloud storage service, in the EU North Europe region, with encryption at rest and in transit. Customer data is also completely separate from the ArchiveHub app itself and access protected with tokens.


Browser compatibility

ArchiveHub uses the latest web technologies and works best in modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium, or Opera. Support for Internet Explorer or Edge is not guaranteed.




Additional Information

Known Issues


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Support Information

Have questions, is something not working or have feedback for us? Use the Feedback button at the bottom right of the app to directly send us a note.

Alternatively, email us at

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