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High-definition weather forecasts, down to the street, minute-by-minute. HyperCast features a unique alert system that lets you notify everyone in your team about coming storms, via mobile or mail.

General Usage Instructions

Autodesk ClimaCell Webapp integration instructions:

  1. Enable the integration from the Account Admin Apps tab by locating HyperCast and click on “Add to BIM 360”
  2. Use Safari or Chrome browser and go to https://hypercast.climacell.co
  3. A signup form appears. Click Sign Up
  4. Enter your information to create a ClimaCell HyperCast account for Autodesk® BIM 360®. In the CODE field, enter (case insensitive): BIM360
  5. Read the terms and if you agree, check the AGREE field and click Sign Up
  6. An Autodesk Welcome screen appears, asking for Password. Sign in with your Autodesk BIM 360 account.
  7. An Autodesk Authorize application form appears: enter your password
  8. In order to allow HyperCast to get your BIM 360 project name and location, click ALLOW
  9. You made it! (If you are a valid BIM 360 user, after a short while, HyperCast main screen will open. Observe the map and you will find your projects marked with flags at their geographical locations. You can now get weather information and alerts for your projects!
  10. Once you are in the HyperCast, zoom out using your mouse (scroll). Verify all of your locations appear (blue flags on the map). If they don't, kindly verify every project has a valid address - if you're not sure you can double check by inserting the same address in Google Map, Hypercast support every address Google map's support).

Click the link below to learn how to use Hypercast App:




Known Issues



Company Name: ClimaCell
Support Contact: support@climacell.co

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For software support and any other question, just ping us in the chat box (bottom left corner) and we’ll get right back to you! Chat box is currently available 9am-6pm EST. In addition, we offer live forecasting services from our amazing team of meteorologists. Send us a note for more details!

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