Data Exchange for Tekla Structures®, Early Access

Data Exchange for Tekla Structures®, Early Access

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Tekla Connector allows you to create and share Data Exchanges and consume Data Exchanges that are created and shared by other Autodesk® and non-Autodesk applications.

General Usage Instructions

Tekla Connector offers several important use cases for Tekla users, facilitating efficient data exchange and collaboration with Autodesk Construction Cloud® (Autodesk Docs) and Autodesk® Revit® users. Here are the main use cases:

Creating Data Exchanges:  Tekla users can create Data Exchanges to share their Tekla models with Autodesk Construction Cloud. This allows them to collaborate with users working on other platforms, such as Revit, and streamline project coordination.

Updating Data Exchanges:  After making changes to their Tekla models, users can update the existing Data Exchanges to ensure the latest project data is shared with other stakeholders. This keeps all parties informed of the most current project status.

Loading Data Exchanges:  Tekla users can load Data Exchanges created by other team members using Autodesk Docs. This enables them to incorporate data from other platforms (e.g., Revit) into their Tekla models for better integration and coordination.

Loading Latest Versions: The ability to load the latest versions of Data Exchanges ensures that Tekla users are always working with the most up-to-date information from Autodesk Docs. This helps maintain data consistency across the project.

Unloading Data Exchanges:  Users can unload Data Exchanges from the Tekla Connector interface when they no longer need them. This keeps the interface organized and clutter-free, without affecting the availability of the Data Exchanges in Autodesk Docs or Tekla.

Managing Data Exchanges:  Users can manage their Data Exchanges efficiently by deleting or viewing them on the web. This enables better organization and control over project data.

Selecting Elements from Data Exchanges:  Tekla users can identify and select specific components from Data Exchanges. This feature allows them to work on specific elements imported from other platforms, ensuring targeted collaboration and design modifications.

Viewing Data Exchange Logs:  Accessing log files provides a troubleshooting tool for Tekla users. If any issues arise during data exchange, they can review the log files to diagnose problems and, if necessary, share them with the support team for further assistance.

 Tekla Connector enhances interoperability between Tekla and Autodesk platforms, streamline data exchange, and facilitate collaboration among multidisciplinary project teams. By improving data access and coordination, these features contribute to more efficient and successful construction projects.




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Contact us through our Beta User Forums, the Public Forum, or for any queries. 

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Fixed crashed issues while creating an exchange from large datasets Fixed issue with dimensioning for interior faces for structural members Extended support for service pack structures 2022 [SP7, SP9, SP10 and SP11]


1. Added support for sharing properties from Tekla into Data Exchange 2.Provide option to load exchanges with and without parameters in Tekla Structures 3. Provide option to include specific property sets while creating exchange from Tekla Structures 4. Minor bug fixes


1. Load Data exchanges from Revit, Rhino, Autodesk® Inventor®, and Autodesk® Civil 3D® into Tekla as reference geometry 2. Create Data Exchanges from Tekla.


1. Load Data exchanges from Revit, Rhino, Autodesk® Inventor®, and Autodesk® Civil 3D® into Tekla as reference geometry 2. Create Data Exchanges from Tekla.
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