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Synchronize IFC and RVT files between Autodesk® Construction Cloud and Imerso.

General Usage Instructions

To use this app, you need have an Imerso account. We currently only offer B2B solutions, please visit to find out more about us and how you can access Imerso. Also, you need to authorize Imerso to access your  Autodesk account. We currently support syncing RVT and IFC files.

Adding the integration:

1. Login to Imerso, choose your project and go to project settings.

2. Under Integrations section, find Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and Authorize Imerso to access your ACC account using the Authorize button.

3. Click on "ADD AUTODESK CLOUD INTEGRATION" and follow the steps to choose the ACC project that you want to integrate with.

4. After reviewing and saving the integration, go to "BIM files" page to use the integration.

* You can remove the integration and your account authorization at any time in Project Settings without risking to lose your data in Imerso or ACC.

Pull BIM models from ACC:

1. Go to BIM Files page and click on "MANAGE AUTO CONSTRUCTION CLOUD MODELS".

2. Find the files (.ifc and .rvt) you want to pull, select them and click next.

3. Choose the discipline and building of each files and click "UPLOAD".

The files will be processed and show as part of Imerso BIM models with cloud icon next to them.


Push existing BIM models on Imerso to ACC:

1. Go to BIM Files page and click the three dot menu icon next to the BIM model.

2. In the opened menu, select "UPLOAD TO AUTODESK CONSTRUCTION CLOUD"

3. Choose the target folder you want to upload your model to.

4. Click "CONFIRM", you will get a notification that your request is submitted.

5. Once the model is uploaded to ACC, you will see a cloud logo next to the model name. Clicking on it will open the file location in ACC.



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Contact or reach us on Intercom.

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This our very first version of the integration where you can synchronize BIM models between ACC and Imerso and keep them updated.
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