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The ultimate cloud solution for seamlessly transferring data between Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs with over 30 integrations on the Cloud and ECM On-Premise systems.

General Usage Instructions

Users and administrators can configure their migrations in a few quick steps using our Migration Plan wizard:

To migrate BIM 360 data, please create a new "Personalized Migration" by clicking the start button.

Select your source system, and click Set.

Select the content you want to transfer, and whether to include subfolders and the parent folder, and click Save & Continue.

Select your target system, and click Set.

Select the destination folder you want to transfer the data to, and click Save & Continue.

The Optional Settings screen appears. Apply additional settings if needed, for example, whether to overwrite files or whether to filter files of a certain size. (Note that version settings are coming soon). Click Skip or Save & Continue.

Click Start migration now to start the migration, or schedule the migration for later.

To monitor the migration and see reports, select the Activity tab.


Please note: BIM 360 Admins need to authenticate Cloudsfer's application before starting the migration process. BIM 360 Admins can find the Cloudsfer BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM 360 Account. 

If you need to evaluate BIM 360 in Cloudsfer, please register and contact our support team at

Evaluation of 5GB will be granted upon request.




Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Cloudsfer
Support Contact:

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Support Information

Support is available for any question, issue or Inquiry.

24/7 availability by Email.

Schedule a call, demonstration or a share screen meeting when needed.

Chat available in Application and Website.


Version History

Version Number Version Description

New integrations for BIM 360 On Premise to cloud migration solution Minor stability and performance fixes


Added support for BIM 360 Theme update Minor stability and performance fixes


Added support for BIM 360 Theme update Minor stability and performance fixes
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