The 3D Design Exchange Connector grants read access to project information such as 3D geometry which can be in MS PowerPoint. After adding the 3D Design Exchange Connector to your Autodesk Construction Cloud® account, you will also be able to view Construction Cloud files inside the MS PowerPoint App. 



Seamless Data Integration- Eliminates the need for manual data transfers. Connect your Autodesk project geometry with ease, enabling swift access within the MS PowerPoint application.

Data Integrity- Maintain data accuracy and consistency across platforms. Changes made to your Revit geometry will be seamlessly reflected in the AHC software, ensuring your simulations are always up-to-date.

Time & Resource Savings- By eliminating the need for repetitive data transfers, you'll drastically reduce the time spent on data preparation and increase the efficiency of your presentation. Focus on refining your designs and making informed decisions.

Authentication: The integration uses three-legged authentication to access the models/exchanges from Autodesk Construction Cloud.


Note: This app requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Version 1.0.0, 4/10/2024
Initial Release.

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  • Not Working
    Sean Fruin | April 07, 2024

    I installed the app but clicking the icon does nothing. There is only a trial version available, not a free one.

    Nem Kumar (Publisher) | April 10, 2024

    Dear Sean, Thank you for the download and trying out our app. Looks like for your Microsoft Power Point Application, you need to enable the Macros. Please refer to below instruction 1. Select the File tab and choose Options. 2. Select Trust Center, and then choose Trust Center Settings. 3. In the Trust Center, select Macro Settings. - Select Enable all Macros Developer Macro Settings - Select Checkbox - Trust access to the VBA project object model After the selections that you want, then select OK. We will also update our instruction in help document. If you have any further questions, please email me on Regards, Rohit

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