Digital Handover Tools: Automatic File Transfer

Digital Handover Tools: Automatic File Transfer



Essential for efficiently creating Digital Handover Documentation.


When creating Digital Handover Documentation, such as operation and maintenance manuals (O&M's), or managing data for buildings, the process can be made significantly more efficient by automating the transfer of files between the many platforms that are used to originate the data.


EDocuments have constructed an automated file transfer process for both Autodesk Construction Cloud® and Autodesk® BIM 360®, with workflows that can be configured to move just the files that meet certain criteria.


When inside the EDocs platform an ACC user, using their ACC or BIM 360 account login details can access their projects which are located within ACC. The user can then select the files or folders that they wish to fetch the files from. 


The EDocs platform uses an Autodesk 3-legged authentication approach whenever you select a folder to import the files from your projects, and to search and display your available hubs and projects.


A subscription is required to use the EDocs Platform, please book here for a free demonstration.


Furthermore, this automated process can be configured to automatically validate and extract the embedded meta-data within files that are transferred and flow this meta-data into the digital handover documentation.


EDocuments “3D Model Health Checker” extracts all the data within a 3D model such as categories, families, types, instances, and attributes, and then structures the data. The extracted data is then cross-checked with a database of attribute requirements. Please refer to EDocs “3D Model Health Checker” for more information.

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Version, 6/13/2024
Initial version of EDocs file transfer application.

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