Leica Captivate is the surveying and mapping field software running on the latest generation of total stations and the field controllers manufactured by Leica Geosystems. Leica Captivate allows the user to capture and store data with the greatest accuracy and reliability, either measured with classical surveying methodologies such as the total station observations or the most modern GNSS observations, and visualize it in a complete 3D environment. 

The user is able to easily capture a 3D dataset representing the current state of an area, and at the same time that the coordinates of the points are measured, define all the linework, geometries and features to properly represent the current reality, as kerbs, vegetation or road elements. These captured data are structured in jobs, which can be exported as reports or into different output formats like ASCII, XML or DXF to be later used in multiple office software packages. 


Multiple design data of different construction sites and infrastructures can be loaded to be used within Leica Captivate in different formats, as DWG, DXF or IFC, to be then easily used in the field for the layout of their elements.  


Leica Captivate supports not just the basic surveying, mapping and layout activities, but also a large number of specific apps developed for specific purposes, such as Scanning of point clouds, Volume calculations or Machine guidance control.


Note: App is compatible with Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs.

About This Version

Version 4.50, 9/23/2021
This is a beta version of the future Leica Captivate 4.50 field software. This new version includes the possibility of connecting to BIM360 docs for document upload & download, and handling Autodesk Point Layout projects.

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  • würde gern empfehlen
    Anton Lytvynenko | June 26, 2019

    Sehr praktisch. Ich arbeite jeden Tag damit und bin komplett zufrieden.

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