Bimmatch for Autodesk Construction Cloud®

Bimmatch for Autodesk Construction Cloud®



Bimmatch is an AI-powered SaaS solution that automates the creation of accurate Bills of Materials (BOM) that comply with demands for net-zero carbon emissions, standards, requirements, and budgets of construction projects.  

Bimmatch analyzes and identifies generic BIM elements in the project model and according to the project's requirements such as location, categories, carbon footprint, and budget, matches the best-fitted products to design elements and generates a BOM.

BOM can be shared among project stakeholders with a single click. The solution integrates with Autodesk® Revit® software through a unique plugin and can be accessed via Autodesk Construction Cloud® for seamless data synchronization among project teams. 

Bimmatch bridges the gap between demand and supply and accomplishes the best-fitted matching process by indexing manufacturer product data and project specifications into a Lean BIM database, which informs the creation of the project BOM.

Bimmatch facilitates collaboration between project planning teams, developers, and GC teams by providing tools for managing the BOM based on carbon footprint, budget, and safety impacts. Bimmatch represents a competitive advantage by offering AI-based product matching, dynamic BOM for ongoing decision-making, and a Lean BIM method for manufacturers to enter the BIM ecosystem efficiently. Bimmatch also provides BI tools with project insights and trends based on real-time construction data. 


We use a Two-legged token with 'x-user-id' context to fetch the data from ACC which is provisioned already with our app credentials.
The 3 legged will be used while login with the Autodesk® account.

Note: Only Revit file format is supported.

About This Version

Version, 7/23/2023
Connecting your ACC account from your Bimmatch account, and selecting the relevant RVT file to create and update the project's Bill Of Materials.

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