Synapcus:360 Activities and Chat App

Synapcus:360 Activities and Chat App



With Synapcus:360 general planning companies, architects and engineers can digitalize and easily manage all their organization's internal and external processes (projects, opportunities, campaigns, change requests) and workflows - including the communication with the customers, subcontractors and other stack holders. Various graphical tools (like a detailed interactive Gantt, load-matrix, histogram, Forge-Viewer, drag&drop calendar) allow the users a highly intuitive data experience.


The tight integration between all its modules (Project, Sales, Documents, Human Resources, Finance) is accomplished mainly through the Synapcus activity driven architecture. Some of these activities (to dos, tickets) can also be created and managed directly in the 3D Forge-Viewer using Autodesk® BIM 360® data. All the alerts and notifications will be signalized in the users cockpit and in its home area as well as through HTML system emails.


The main entities of BIM 360 like projects, files/models, issues and comments can be directly synchronized with the corresponding Synapcus entities. Synapcus will expand the data attributes with work and construction costs and time management (issue based). The detailed Synapcus project structure includes position/position groups (work packages).


Advantages and benefits of the Synapcus:360 Activities and Chat App which complete the BIM 360 features:

  • Chat and comments which can contain files, images, links, multimedia as reactions to the activity (e.g. to dos, tickets)
  • Multiple participators for one activity
  • Sub-status for each activity participator incl. activity workflow 
  • Snapshots of markups and annotations can be saved within comments 
  • Comments and snapshots can be easily shared through e-mails - one click only!
  • Work and material cost management at the issue level (available also at working package and project level)
  • Working time tracking at issue level (available also at working package and project level)
  • Friendly UI for the deployment of the activities list within the model 
  • Intuitive and easy navigation between the activity list and its location within the model 
  • Possibility of dynamically changing the activity location (pushpin) within the model
  • Display of the users (activity creator or editors) incl. photo and detailed visit card
  • Activity tooltip with most important information such as due date, status, creator and participators
  • Synchronize Synapcus projects with BIM 360 projects
  • Synchronize Synapcus documents with BIM 360 3D-models
  • Synchronize Synapcus activities with BIM 360 issues
  • Synchronize Synapcus comments with BIM 360 comments
  • Jump directly from a Synapcus project, document or issue into the corresponding context in BIM 360


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team.

Trial Description

The trial version is available for 14 days.

After the 14-days trial period, please contact our sales +49 721 95763 720 (or for purchasing Synapcus licenses.

About This Version

Version 2.32, 9/23/2021
This version implements an intuitive visual project collaboration and messaging through activities creation and management directly in the Autodesk Forge-Viewer (Synapcus Forge App). System entities like projects, organizations, users, documents, issues, comments will be synchronized between Synapcus and BIM 360.

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  • We were looking forward to this a long time
    Florian Kohlbecker | September 23, 2019

    This app connects our BIM360 projects with our project control panels. I can now realtime create issues or activities, forward the to the specialist and give him a time and efficency goal.

    All this related to my projects cost control and project phase. As well as change order management in realtime with a release workflow.

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