Intelliwave Technologies was formed in 2007 to increase “Time on Tools” for craft labor and improve site safety in construction. The result was the creation of a revolutionary web and mobile-based software solution in one encompassing brand, SiteSense.


The new integration between SiteSense and Autodesk® Build, Autodesk® Docs and Autodesk® BIM 360® allows construction teams to gain critical insights on material status and availability to enhance construction scheduling and constraint analysis. Customers can maintain exceptional project visibility to make informed decisions more efficiently and remain coordinated across their teams, reducing miscommunications resulting in labor and cost savings. 


  • Connect inventory to engineering requirementsAccess critical project documentation from Docs such as bills of materials, drawings, and work packages sync to SiteSense as Material Needs documents. SiteSense users can then forecast material availability against upcoming scheduled installation dates comparing material and equipment resource requirements against Purchase Order and Vendor estimated delivery dates, allowing for proactive mitigation of project risks and lead time issues.

  • Verify Purchase Order deliveriesExecuted contract expenditures and change orders sync to SiteSense as Purchase Orders. Field users can process digital receiving reports for materials from a mobile device, setting material status and location while verifying actual received quantities against the Purchase Order. Completed material receipts sync to the Build, Cost Management module, allowing office users to close the loop for vendor payment. Completed material issue tickets also sync to Autodesk Build’s Cost Management module as project expenses.

  • Streamline Asset managementAssets created in Build and BIM 360 can automatically sync as SiteSense Resources. Procurement and material management statuses from SiteSense also sync back to Assets in Build and BIM 360 to help track which materials are ordered, delivered, and installed. Additionally, SiteSense’s workflow statuses and progress tracking updates can also sync to help update custom status fields.

  • Access critical project data in one placeJoint customers can now access the SiteSense Partner Card from the Insights Tab in Build and on the Project Home in BIM 360, viewing material management and tracking information in the context of the project dashboard.

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Version 2.0.0, 6/22/2022
Revision 1 - Document syncing to SiteSense Revision 2 - Autodesk Build, Cost, Asset and Autodesk Document management touchpoints.

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