Two Way Sync for Autodesk Build® and SharePoint

Two Way Sync for Autodesk Build® and SharePoint



The integration between Autodesk Build® and Sharepoint allows Autodesk® customers to sync your Autodesk Build Documents and Photos in a full two-way sync between Autodesk Documents / Files and Office 365 / Sharepoint / Teams / OneDrive.


The integration syncs all edits, uploads and deletions in both directions every minute offering a near-instantaneous sync allowing project and office teams to have access to the same data no matter how they access the project.


SyncEzy is an award-winning builder of Deep Integrations with more than 100 DEEP integrations built so far. We connect business apps to streamline and automate business processes.


To start with, this integration comes with a Free Plan (No Credit card required), 15-minute DIY, or guided setup. Premium services, Private servers and data localization available for enterprise customers.



Two Way Sync between Autodesk Build and SharePoint: Automatically sync Autodesk Build Documents, Photos and folder structure into SharePoint / OneDrive and make it easier to access and edit from anywhere in Office 365.

Collaborative File Sharing: Enable seamless sharing of Autodesk documents between team members and stakeholders via Sharepoint, enhancing collaboration and communication on projects.

Version Control and Backup:  Maintain version history and automatic backups of documents in Sharepoint, ensuring data integrity and simplifying recovery in case of accidental changes or data loss.

Easier Access via Windows Explorer:  Save 11 clicks every time you access a single document for your project. For Project Managers that is thousands of clicks and time saved over the life of the project.

Use Powerful Desktop Software: Use Desktop versions of Word, Excel and Office 365, Save locally and auto sync to Procore Cloud.

Backup Everything to your Organisation’s Cloud: Extract Autodesk Build tools like Files, Photos and more to your organisation’s SharePoint for Backup, redundancy and ISO Compliance.

Work on BlueBeam files Locally: Easily work on BlueBeam files locally by accessing the files from your Windows Explorer.



The app uses 3- legged authentication. 

A SyncEzy account is required to set up this integration. Free plans are available.

Learn more about the details and watch a demo here: Autodesk Construction Cloud and Sharepoint integration

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