ConstructivIQ helps general and specialty contractors get the right material to the project site at the right time.


By closely integrating all submittal and material workflows with the master project schedule, we enable stakeholders to collaboratively plan and manage the procurement lifecycle thereby minimizing related risk on schedule delays and cost overruns.


ConstructivIQ aims at ensuring timely delivery of materials at project site by planning and tracking submittal and material workflows, based on the project schedule. The application indicates the risk associated with delay in workflows and change in project schedule, thereby enabling general and specialist contractors to mitigate time and cost overruns proactively.


Note :

(a) We use 3-legged authentication for which we'd need Autodesk® users to login with their Autodesk credentials in ConstructivIQ.

(b) A subscription is required to access ConstructivIQ. Contact us at for a free demonstration.

About This Version

Version 1.0.0, 6/19/2024
Sync submittals in ACC with ConstructivIQ to plan and manage the submittal approval and material procurement workflow based on project schedule.

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