ProjectMark Connector

ProjectMark Connector



Managing opportunities between Autodesk® BuildingConnected® & ProjectMark, or migrating project teams between platforms, involves tedious manual data transfers, leading to delays, errors, and heightened risks.


Enter ProjectMark Connector — an automated solution facilitating seamless opportunity management and CRM integration. Our pre-built connectors streamline data transfer, ensuring swift project progression with minimal effort of custom solutions or manual input.


By enabling effortless collaboration and maintaining data integrity, ProjectMark Connector revolutionizes opportunity management, enhancing efficiency and driving project success.

Discover how ProjectMark Connector transforms your CRM integration and opportunity management workflows today.


How does it work?

The ProjectMark Connector will help to seamlessly gather data from your bid boards and Team in BuildingConnected with little effort from your side. It provides the following flow to keep your Team, Contacts and Opportunities up to date on your CRM in ProjectMark Platform:

- BuildingConnected Users/Team -> ProjectMark Team Members

- BuildingConnected Opportunities (Bid Board Projects) -> ProjectMark Opportunities

- BuildingConnected Opportunities Contacts (Bid Board Projects) -> ProjectMark Contacts


How to sign up for a ProjectMark Account?

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ProjectMark Connector uses Autodesk's 3-legged authentication to get all the opportunities, team members and contacts from your BuildingConnected account to sync ProjectMark CRM with the data. 

About This Version

Version 1.0.0, 6/12/2024
Add integration for BuildingConnected

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