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PointFuse is an integral part of all digital workflows. It converts any kind of point cloud data into easy-to-use segmented 3D mesh models.

Whether you are using reality capture data for visualization, BIM coordination, collaboration or space and facilities management, PointFuse is a simple solution that delivers accurate results generating significant savings on both cost and time.

As scanner technology has developed, the number of points and fidelity of data contained within a source point cloud has expanded dramatically providing accurate data, but meaning files are typically very large. Managing such large files can mean this data is very slow to work with and difficult to move around and collaborate with.

PointFuse changes all of this, automatically converting points to surfaces reducing file sizes by up to 90% outputting Megabytes not Gigabytes.  You can then select and quickly classify groups of objects within PointFuse. These intelligent meshes and connections to downstream modelling and project management software mean the data can be easily understood and shared across the project team, enabling better decision making.


Classifying PointFuse Segmented Mesh

After converting point cloud data to a segmented mesh model, you can select and classify groups of objects within PointFuse . Do this to isolate features, such as walls, floors, pipework or steel frames. When exported using the industry standard IFC or FBX formats, the intelligent mesh model maintains this classification, making it easily recognisable within Autodesk®  Construction Cloud, BIM 360 and Autodesk® Navisworks®.

The benefits are:

●       Only the objects that are most relevant will be uploaded and shared

●       Eliminates unnecessary data transfer

●       Makes production of the final model significantly quicker and easier

●       Provides accurate, highly detailed models, in useful data formats, within a few hours.

You can then upload them to Autodesk® Construction Cloud, BIM 360 or export to files on your PC, as DAE, DXF, FBX, IFC, NWC, OBJ, SKP, STL or X3D.



Reality Modelling for Autodesk® Construction Cloud Autodesk BIM 360

PointFuse models can be uploaded directly to Autodesk® Construction Cloud or BIM 360, providing an easy route for as-built data to enter the collaborative environment. Reality models have a significantly smaller file size than point clouds, so upload speed and bandwidth requirements are less. From there, the models can be easily accessed by all parties, either on a desktop or by mobile, meaning reality models are now available to anyone at any time.

Spend less time modeling with the Revit Plugin

The PointFuse mesh plugin is a great alternative to using point cloud data in Autodesk ® Revit®:

●       Reducing the time to create a BIM model by 36%* when compared to modelling with a point cloud.

●       The PointFuse mesh is just 3% the size of the source point cloud

●       Available with PointFuse Standard or Pro software

A point cloud is automatically converted into a segmented mesh model, which can then be classified. The mesh is then published to a PointFuse Revit ® File format (.prf) using the ‘Publish to Revit®’ command, ready to be linked into any existing Revit project on any users machine, whether they have a license of PointFuse or not. This means all project team members can access and effectively use the reality capture data that has been captured for the project.

Create interactive VR experiences by publishing to Unity Reflect

PointFuse mesh models can be published directly into Unity Reflect, the cloud based digital twin environment. Push the lightweight,  mesh data, with all of its intelligence, into new or existing projects to create interactive and realistic environments for collaboration, training and digital rehearsal.

Clash Detection

The ability to classify objects within the mesh model, both automatically and manually, has had a huge impact on how as-built data is used within the construction workflow. Being able to quickly compare specific as-built objects and designs without having to run clash detection on a full model or point cloud, saves both processing time and human hours, reducing the number of false and irrelevant clashes.

Construction Verification and Audits

In addition to providing information for the construction planners, these regular as-built models can be used for verification and audits, by providing a geometrically accurate snapshot of every stage of the construction process. Effective scheduling means that as elements are installed, an as-built model is produced, so construction can be precisely reported. Crucially, this means that any errors or alterations can be identified and rectified early on - before construction has moved on beyond the point of easy repair.

Trial Description

Sign up here for a free trial version of PointFuse. You have access to all of the functionality of the licensed version. Your trial period expires after 30 days, upon request you will receive a number of exports. After that, you need to buy a license to use PointFuse. You can purchase a PointFuse license here.

The trial is not available for virtual machines.

About This Version

Version 2023.0.3, 9/1/2023
Publish to Unity Reflect, Revit Plugin, ACC Integration Export enhancements. Team licences.

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