Product Description

  • A native mobile iOS app for iPad/iPhone that allows you to take photos very quickly and attach them to a floorplan, as well as do VR and X-Ray modes
  • A web application that allows you to view photos side-by-side, navigate a series of photos taken at the same location via timelapse, export to PDF, and collaborate

Integration Description (current):

  • You may sign up and log into StructionSite using your existing BIM 360 login credentials, so you don't have to memorize another login

Company Description

StructionSite, Inc., is a San Francisco-based company founded in late 2016. Following a "built by construction people, for construction people" mentality, the founding principals of StructionSite include:

  • Your data will always belong to you. All data can be exported into non-proprietary, widely available formats so that you're not locked in our software
  • We will not exist in a silo. Integrations with industry leading softwares are among our top priority
  • We are construction first, technology second. We derive workflows based on what makes sense and what's most likely to be adopted by project teams by providing true value, not just something that seems "cool".


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Team & BIM360 Field management.

Trial Description

Trial version

About This Version

Version 1.0, 6/24/2021
Allows you to sign up and login with your existing BIM 360 credentials

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