Use BIMSearch to easily calculate quantities for delivery and budgeting, check invoices, and manage site logistics.


BIMSearch is an interactive 3D and report tool, which allows you to make the best decisions based on accurate and structured data.


The easiest and fastest way to start creating reports is by using Search Templates. 


In the Additional Filters, you'll find all the settings for any report required. 

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About This Version

Version 1, 11/9/2021
The first BIMSearch version allows every Autodesk® BIM 360® user to pool data from published to BIM 360 models. The projects tree "remembers" the last opened model by the specific user, and opens the project folders chain automatically on the next working session. The report creation can be done using predefined by AMECTech Search Templates, or by custom settings of needed category, filter parameter, properties and grouping settings for organizing the report as required. The settings refer to the .rvt format. The user is able to export the report to Excel. After creating the report the user is able to minimize or enlarge the 3D model section or the report table. Double clicking on the element selects all elements of the same type and their sum.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Easy-to-use app that makes BIM accessible to everyone
    Yaniv Stoliar | December 15, 2021

    This tool simplifies the process of extracting data from a BIM model

  • Great app!
    Sasha Kungurova | November 09, 2021

    Great app for procuring quantities on-site!

  • Looking good!
    Eli Cramer | November 08, 2021

    A supercool and easy to use system to navigate deeper into the model online

  • Amazin QTO tool
    Amit Maimoni | October 20, 2021

    This is an awsome BIM tool for quantity take off or just any data exctraction from your BIM model.

    Very simple UI. no need for any additional software!

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