Formworks is one of the most advanced self-configurable application builders on the market. Highly complex forms can be used to instantly capture and validate data while a range of export and integration options means that data can seamlessly be connected to core operational software.

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A free trial is available for you to test drive the Formworks / Autodesk integration. This inlcudes up to 5 x Formworks licences, as weill as complimentary process analysis, consulting and discretionary free of charge development to automate a collectively agreed process as part of a pilot. Contacts us for more information. 

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Version 6.6.0, 2/18/2021
The Formworks web portal is available through a browser based login while our mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. Please contact us to gain access.

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  • Good, reliable and flexible software, a powerfull form tool
    Øivind Pettersen | July 20, 2020

    Good and reliable software, easy to make forms for pdf's and also a very powerfull tool because of the possibility to script advanced functions and calculations. Data from the forms can be used to all kind of reporting. A good match to BIM360

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