CupixWorks is a machine vision-powered software built for the AEC industry that transforms 360° photos and 360° videos into a 3D digital twin. All you need are the Cupix Capture mobile app and a 360° camera. Mount the 360° camera on your hard hat (or just hold it on a selfie stick), walk through your jobsite, and let Cupix take care of the rest! After uploading your capture, Cupix will automatically create a Google Street View-like 3D digital twin of your jobsite, which you can walk through online and share with your colleagues from our SiteView virtual jobsite viewer.

Add SiteView deep links to your Autodesk® BIM 360™ documents related to the jobsite. These links will open SiteView to the exact location your BIM 360 document is referring to. Even when your team members are offsite, they will be able to make better-informed decisions by using Cupix digital twins as a spatial context to understand issues and reports in BIM 360.  This minimizes possible miscommunications between different teams working on the same project.

CupixWorks users can also create BIM 360 Issues and RFIs while virtually walking the project site within CupixWorks SiteView, and mark the locations of these issues with 3D coordinates within the space. These BIM 360 annotations within SiteView are directly linked to their corresponding documents in Autodesk BIM 360 Docs. As colleagues navigate the 3D digital twins of the jobsite, they can view any BIM 360 annotations within and open the annotations in Autodesk BIM 360 to respond or view additional details.

The construction industry as a whole continues to face new challenges that professionals regularly adapt to. During this difficult time when travel is restricted and only a certain number of personnel are allowed at each project site, the conventional way of jobsite documentation using text, 2D drawings, and disconnected 2D photos is especially not enough to fully communicate all the necessary details about what is really happening at the jobsite.  In addition to increasing work at home situations, many AEC professionals are also noticing that multiple languages are spoken at most construction sites, which makes using advanced visual aids that clarify and leave little to guesswork more crucial to the success of each project. 


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Version 1.0, 2/9/2023
CupixWorks first release of BIM 360 integration. - Link to BIM 360 BIM Models - Create BIM 360 Issues and RFIs within CupixWorks SiteView

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