Join Integration with Autodesk® Docs

Join Integration with Autodesk® Docs



Join is the collaborative project delivery platform that helps contractors, owners, and design teams make faster, more confident decisions. 
Collaborate with Confidence

Join is the only platform that orients owners, designers, and construction teams around the same actionable information, real-time data, and decision history. With Join, teams make faster, more confident decisions on the path to cost and design certainty.


Better Communication

Join brings contractors, owners, and design teams together around a shared source of data that they trust, letting them spend time moving forward – uncovering opportunities, providing clarity, and working toward shared goals.


Better Decisions

Whether swapping out light switches or structural systems, teams use Join to make decisions around factors like cost, design, constructability, supply chains, and the owner’s business case. Join consolidates scattered context into one place: an easy-to-use platform that connects the right people with the right information at the time of decision.


Better Outcomes

It’s never been easier to navigate projects using highly collaborative delivery methods like Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), Target Value Design (TVD), and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Teams using Join improve project outcomes, reduce risk, and win more work than competitors using traditional decision-making tools.


The Join Integration with Autodesk® Docs

The Join integration with Autodesk Docs and Autodesk® BIM 360® allows you to link any of your project documents to any Join Item or Milestone, ensuring all your project stakeholders always have the most current information right at their fingertips to make informed decisions with confidence. This integration allows you to:

  • Link your documents of record to any Join Item or Milestone to better inform your decision-making
  • View, edit, or annotate your linked documents in Autodesk Docs
  • Enable collaborative conversations with confidence with access to all your latest documents
  • Access Autodesk Docs only by those with granted permissions


Please visit for more information or book a demo.



The app uses 3-legged Authentication- when a user wants to log in to Autodesk from Join Integration.

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