The increase of complexity, requirements, data sources and stakeholders in building projects make it more and more difficult to keep up the quality and compliancy of BIM Models. The growing workload for finding and communicating issues and doing rework is time-consuming for already scarce engineering resources. This is a daily struggle for companies like yours who have activities around BIM coordination. All this makes it challenging to comply with universal and customer-specific BIM standards, communicate effectively and keep up the quality of your BIM models. This impacts your lead time on building projects negatively. What can you do?


Identify, manage and communicate issues quickly and easily with Pillr. Complying with universal and customer-specific BIM standards is much easier with proof of compliance. You only have one source of communication for all your stakeholders. Increase the quality of your BIM Models and limit re-work. Reduce the lead time of your building projects with this ready to use project based cloud platform with unlimited users!


Pillr is the most complete all-in-one cloud platform for BIM Model insights, compliance and coordination.


Pillr uses Autodesk's 3 legged authentication approach whenever you select a model to import from your projects, to search and display your available hubs, projects, and files for selection. Once a model is selected for import, the 2 legged approach is used to show your models in the viewer and to automatically install/process webhooks.


For more details visit https://pillr.nl/en.


Verzió 1.0.0, 2024. 05. 16.
With this app we make it possible to have this completely in-house without the intervention of contact with our support department.

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