Arvizio XR Connector

Arvizio XR Connector



Arvizio’s Immerse 3D is an enterprise augmented and mixed reality solution for hybrid rendering, optimization, multi-user, multi-location and real-time collaboration with massive 3D BIM/CAD models and LiDAR point clouds for shared AR/MR experiences. Features include the integration of real-time IoT data, integrated documentation, the ability to walk through designs at scale, align models with the real world for AR/MR digital twin scenarios and conduct virtual design reviews or training with multiple participants sharing a synchronized session.


To use the Autodesk Construction Cloud integration with the Arvizio Immerse 3D solution, the user must have Arvizio Director (a desktop application, available upon request). An Autodesk Construction Cloud account administrator is required to authorize the Arvizio XR Connector app. Please contact us at to request an installation package and step-by-step installation guide.


Note: App is compatible with Autodesk® Build and Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs.


Verzió 5.0.3, 2021. 09. 23.
Minor updates in the info-sheet.

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