Sigma Estimates 5D


Sigma Estimates is specialized in 5D BIM and cost estimation providing software for the AEC industry to mitigate estimating errors and save time on estimating.


This simple-to-use Autodesk® BIM 360® app from Sigma Estimates is created for the AEC industry to gain a quick and easy way to create your 5D BIM/VDC model, budget or cost estimate from your 3D model, even connecting to existing 5D models and data.


  • Build a 5D model, budget or cost estimate directly from a 3D model in BIM 360 - in a few clicks.
  • Extract quantities from a 3D model in BIM 360 to connect with a 5D model, budget, or cost estimate.
  • Visually understand and explore the connections of the 3D/5D models.
  • Slice'n dice the 3D/5D connected model to validate data for outliers and missing information.
  • Build on your own historical cost data or take advantage of recognized RSMeans data.


The Sigma Estimates software also works directly with Autodesk® Revit® using a Live Link for 3D-5D modelling.


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs.


Verzió, 2021. 09. 23.
First version with complete functionality to import 3D model and combine with commercial or local price books for a complete 5D model cost budget.

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  • Alex
    Oleksandr Andronik | augusztus 19, 2023

    Great software! 

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