Now you can integrate your Autodesk® BIM 360® documents with Assignar dashboard and mobile app. From inside Assignar dashboard, all you need to do is to access your project, go to the tab “BIM 360 Documents” and log in with your BIM 360 user id. Once you are logged in, Assignar will show you all your BIM 360 projects and their document trees. Choose as many documents as you want and save. Done!

Now all fieldworkers allocated to this Assignar project will be able to see those BIM 360 Documents using native BIM 360 Forge Viewer.

You don't need to create credentials for the fieldworkers to be able to see the BIM 360 documents anymore, nor be concerned about fieldworker permissions as they will not be able to edit any BIM 360 documents. All Assignar BIM 360 integration processes are read-only so if you need to edit/remove/create any BIM 360 documents you will need to access BIM 360 platform directly, preserving the integrity of your documents.


After requesting a trial, we will get in touch to set up your account/credentials and give you a demo.

Once you have your credentials with Assignar, you can access the Assignar dashboard through the URL: https://dashboard.assignar.com


Supported by Chrome, Firefox & Safari. Not supported by IE & Edge (versions < 42)


The Fieldworker mobile app is available on IOS and Android.

Create mobile app users through the dashboard, using the user we set up for you.


Verzió 1.0, 2021. 09. 23.
Sync BIM 360 documents with Assignar projects and allow workers out in the field to view them within the Assignar Fieldworker mobile application.

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